youke technology, a new and efficient way to develop foreign customers

product overview: what is premium customer?

youke foreign trade customer development system (hereinafter referred to as: youke) is built with more than 500 mainstream search engines in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, including social networking, customs data of 54 countries, and youke software, which supports global search in 76 languages. it is a global customer resource collection and mass distribution customer development system developed by the professional team of guangzhou youke technology co., ltd. it is an effective assistant for domestic enterprises to explore the international market and develop foreign customers.

since its development, the software system has been continuously updated and improved to develop more foreign customer resources for a number of domestic foreign trade enterprises, successfully solving the problem of limited and blind development of customer resources for domestic foreign trade enterprises. with the continuous expansion of china's foreign trade business, the emergence of "youke" will bring new opportunities to all kinds of enterprises, become the right assistant of china's enterprises' "going out" strategy, and become a bright star in the field of foreign trade customer development.

provide a new way to develop foreign customers, switch to foreign markets, avoid peer competition, and contact foreign customers directly. we can help you to analyze and locate foreign markets and customer groups, assist foreign trade salesmen to develop foreign customers, guide foreign trade process, dock logistics collection... help those domestic enterprises who have not done foreign trade and want to try foreign trade to better develop business.

                                                                         market analysis                                                    product analysis

                                                               customer positioning                                                  customer collection

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