operation flow


01 foreign customer resources

the first step to do foreign trade export is to have foreign customer resources, that is, our target customer group. only after we have determined, can we contact them. the main contact information of foreign enterprise procurement is communicated through e-mail, because first of all, it is convenient to solve the problem of time difference, and it is also convenient for language translation.


02 communication

after the communication, the customer is satisfied with the product price, specification and service, and will further communicate the payment method, delivery time, product packaging, etc.


03 signing the contract

after confirming the details, sign the contract, prepay 30% - 50% deposit, the factory should prepare the goods, deliver the goods at the time specified by the customer, contact the freight and shipping company to deliver the goods!


04 information collection

our system is able to help you find more than 200 countries in the world's target customers, mainly to find the website and mailbox of foreign enterprises only one product keyword is needed to collect, and then send your products to the mailbox of foreign enterprises in the form of mass email. when foreign enterprises see it, they will reply to the email, asking for price, parameters, cycle and other information. we can analyze the inquiry of foreigners, guide you how to reply to the inquiry of foreign enterprises, and communicate with foreign enterprises, so as to help you cooperate with foreign enterprises the above communication, follow-up, sign and follow-up cargo transportation and export of a full set of processes.


05 industry analysis

our after-sales customer service can do a product analysis and industry analysis according to your product export situation to help you locate the most suitable country or region for development. including product development letter writing guidance, our after-sales customer service will help you, after-sales customer service is english level 6 or above, with many years of foreign trade experience of customer service.

the end



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