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provide a new way to develop foreign customers, switch to foreign markets, avoid peer competition, contact foreign customers directly. we can help you to analyze and locate foreign markets and customer groups, assist foreign trade salesmen to develop foreign customers, and help domestic enterprises that have not done foreign trade and want to try foreign trade to better develop business.




accurate foreign trade customer information resource extraction professional foreign trade customer service whole process tracking service guidance.

l provide a new way to develop foreign customers, avoid peer competition, open up the international market, skip the middleman one-to-one contact with foreign customers. simplify your work and push your products all over the world!

l the intimate consultant butler service helps to locate the customer group and analyze the market, assist the foreign trade salesman to develop global customers, and help the introverted enterprises with zero experience and foundation to ride the wind and waves and sail out to sea.

the company has reached long-term and stable strategic cooperation with hundreds of well-known international logistics and freight forwarding companies at home and abroad, aiming to help customers save time and energy, and solve the problems of "running around, difficult delivery". provide one-stop logistics transportation solutions.

l services cover domestic and foreign trade, customer development, service support, internet construction, sea and land air transport, international express, trailer distribution, customs declaration, logistics warehousing, product certification, logistics warehousing, agent tax refund, collection of payment and other logistics related services... assist customers to dock a series of foreign trade service solutions.

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