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jinfeng sent me to explore the world and turned service into a bridge. in order to take multiple measures to stabilize foreign trade, highlight targeted policies, provide accurate docking services, and solve the problems of foreign trade enterprises, such as difficult and expensive customers, transportation insurance, agency tax refund, financing and customs clearance, our company and the cross-border trade team of xinhua jin group finally reached an agreement and cooperation after a year of negotiation and docking, and signed a formal contract on january 6 to "help foreign trade enterprises sail out to sea" ”to help enterprises explore overseas markets and help private enterprises develop with high quality.

strive to provide customers with one-to-one solutions, so as to help foreign trade enterprises use big data to find high-quality orders in the world, expand overseas channels, reduce operating costs, improve the operation efficiency of foreign trade process, and solve the financing needs of foreign trade supply chain.

the sincere cooperation between xinhua and jin group will bring a brand new digital marketing feast to more enterprises, and help more enterprises to develop new foreign trade with the help of online intelligence and digitalization.



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