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many salesmen will not analyze the customer's market when they develop customers. as long as they have an inquiry, they will catch one, which may have a good effect in the short term, but it is not enough to enter this market in the long term. as an old saying goes: know yourself and know your enemy, you can win in a hundred battles; that is to say, only know each other can you be in an invincible position for a long time. today, xiaoyou would like to talk about the situation of the south asian market.

general situation of south asia

1. area

there are seven countries in south asia, among which nepal and bhutan are inland countries, india, pakistan and bangladesh are coastal countries, and sri lanka and maldives are island countries. sometimes afghanistan is regarded as a south asian country, while the northern part of afghanistan belongs to central asia. in addition, myanmar and southwest china are also greatly influenced by south asia in culture, so they are sometimes included in the scope of south asia. south asia is one of the poorest regions except africa.

2. economic and industrial development

south asia is a developing country, with agriculture as the main part and industry as the supplement. industries are also light industries such as clothing and food. south asia is a region with unbalanced development, but its population accounts for one fifth of the global population. the market is still very large. however, due to religious and political factors, the local political situation is not very stable. because of these factors, there are various risks in the trade market of south asia.

india is the fastest growing country in south asia. it is rich in coal, iron and other minerals. it is involved in electronics, automobile manufacturing, atomic energy, aerospace and other emerging industries in industry, especially in software, which occupies an important position in the world.

customer characteristics in south asia

1. price

customers in this region are sensitive to price and like to haggle. take indian customers for example, they all like to haggle, and they may cut half as soon as they come up. therefore, when quoting, we can quote a higher price first. moreover, indian customers will tell their competitors about your quotation, hoping to get a better price from their competitors, in this way, your previous negotiation with him is a waste of time, making wedding clothes for others, so unless the order is officially confirmed, don't give your formal quotation easily.

2. quality

all people like the beauty of cheap goods, especially for customers in south asia. this is often the case during negotiations. customers say that we are a developing international with low economic level, and the prices of various kinds of equipment can't compare with those of developed countries. if it's not for the cheap price, why do we have to come to china to purchase? ok, we do have cheap products, but when we talk about quality quantity, it is required to be in line with international standards, to the best, meet such customers really tired ah.

export risk to south asia

in fact, in south asia, the problem of collection risk always exists. it is particularly common in this region to default on payment, not pay and return goods. therefore, when it comes to payment terms, you must choose a collection method with less risk, or you will lose a lot if you are not careful.

when doing business with indians, we should pay attention to: first, the laws of india allow importers not to pay and take delivery of goods; second, it is difficult to return goods in india. the worst result that exports to india may encounter is that the goods are sold out at auction in hong kong. so a lot of times there will be such a situation, the payment received 30%, after delivery, suddenly received additional customer requirements, which all of a sudden a dilemma.

in these areas, sometimes we have to ask for samples for free and cheat samples.

in addition, we need to investigate the other party's bank. many times we will use l / c, so we need to judge whether the other party's bank is reliable. nowadays, cases of l / c fraud occur frequently.



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