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q: brother, i'm a new graduate of foreign trade from university. now i'm working as a salesman in a small foreign trade company with 10 people. because every salesman in the company has independent business accounting, no one in the company takes me. all the old salesmen are busy. now i turn on the computer every morning, except for going to alibaba english station to deal with one problem i feel that i have nothing to do with some inquiries. recently, the company's alibaba inquiry volume is not much, and the order transaction is far away. my business is becoming less and less confident. recently, i feel very confused, and i feel that the relationship between colleagues is also very cold. i really want to know how other salesmen effectively arrange their daily working hours, and i also want to know how a mature salesman can improve his work efficiency.

a: as a foreign trade person entering the workplace, first of all, you should have a correct working attitude. the maturity and success of a foreign trade salesman depends more on his own experience and self-learning, and finally he can really grow and succeed, so you should have the independence of work. just like the foreign trade salesmen you are experiencing now, they are essentially "small companies". they will have independent business accounting and profit sharing with the company, which is the most common practice in small foreign trade companies. based on this company management mode, the old salesmen will not have great enthusiasm to help the new foreign trade workers, so you should first adjust your position we should not complain about the indifference of our colleagues. remember that as long as you work hard, you can grow up through self-learning and experience.

then the above topic, here also gives a suggestion to the boss of foreign trade company: foreign trade company should provide a platform and space for the growth of salesman training, because the untrained salesman is the biggest cost of a company.

the reason why i choose this issue to discuss is that it is very representative. the lack of perfect and continuous business training for foreign trade salesmen (especially new foreign trade workers) has always been a pain and weakness of small foreign trade companies. in fact, it takes a long time for a foreign trade salesman to get familiar with the business and finally become mature and successful. in addition to the self-learning of the salesman, foreign trade companies should provide continuous business training for the salesman from the company level.

but the reality is that the market price of foreign trade training is relatively high, and the knowledge level of operators in small and medium-sized foreign trade companies is uneven, which eventually leads to the lack of business training for foreign trade salesmen. for example, in some very mature foreign trade sales team companies, the foreign trade training for salesmen is very systematic. generally speaking, the operation is as follows:

first of all, there will be an old salesman to help a new salesman, and the company will provide system guarantee in performance incentive, because the old salesman can enjoy certain profit sharing when helping a new salesman. in this way, the old salesman will have certain motivation and incentive to help a new salesman. at the same time, the company's business team will have a routine morning meeting every day, through which the salesman can divide himself share with the business manager to guide the way to solve problems in the daily business sales process, summarize and share experience, solve business difficulties, etc.

as a foreign trade enterprise, the boss and the management regularly share their foreign trade sales experience with the company's salesmen. they also invite some excellent industry friends and entrepreneurs to share their speeches with the company, and participate in some organized foreign trade e-commerce sharing meetings under control. the investment in the training of foreign trade salesmen is a cost-effective investment, and the foreign trade training of salesmen should always be firm with such a concept, "untrained salesman is the biggest cost of a company".

to get back to the point, let's go back to tabitha's question: how can a foreign trade salesman spend a working day efficiently

1. maintain a full and positive sales attitude and mood every day

in fact, in sales, whether it's foreign trade or domestic trade, a salesman's sales mood and mentality are very important, because in daily sales practice, a foreign trade salesman is more likely to experience a long wait and setbacks in the flow of orders. in the inquiries you receive every day, the proportion of business orders you actually close is actually very small, for example, you will receive 30 inquiries one or two decent real orders, that is to say, you are facing setbacks most of the time, and the foreign trade salesman often falls into the adversity period of sales. in this period, you feel that you have worked very hard and attentively, but the customer just doesn't pay and doesn't place orders, so the sales mentality of a foreign trade salesman is very critical, so my suggestion is to forget yesterday's negative attitude every morning for foreign trade salesmen, i suggest that they keep the habit of reading paper books. new foreign trade salesmen can read some sales books, and know how to adjust their mentality and mood in the face of sales adversity and setbacks. remember, good salesmen start from a positive and full sales experience every day mentality begins, good mentality and emotion means high efficiency first!

2. self learning ability of foreign trade salesman

for a foreign trade salesman, continuous learning ability is the most important quality. you can learn something from the internet when you enter the company every morning. for example, you can browse some posts of foreign trade e-commerce, small videos of e-commerce training, etc. if you are a cross-border e-commerce, you can browse the information of e-commerce media. the learning time does not need to be very long, and generally stays at 20 but you must keep a habit of learning every day, which is similar to washing your face and brushing your teeth every day. through this kind of browsing information learning, you can understand the dynamic of foreign trade e-commerce industry, foreign trade rules and terms, exchange rate and price trend and other trading core. if you can keep used to it and persevere, you will eventually have a great harvest.

3. how to deal with foreign trade mail efficiently

e-mail is the main way for each foreign trade salesman to communicate with customers. here, i would like to share how i efficiently deal with the working e-mail of the day. first of all, i would like to share the way to deal with the e-mail is to "insist on reading every e-mail before dealing with all matters, instead of looking at one e-mail to deal with one thing".

the reason why we have to insist on reading all the mail of the day and then go to one the reason for dealing with matters is as follows: for example, i receive 30 to 40 e-mails every day, and the work content of each e-mail has priorities. moreover, many work e-mails need the assistance and cooperation of other departments. new salesmen often make such mistakes. they rush to deal with an e-mail every day, but they don't have a plan to do things all day the efficiency is very low if there is no overall planning.

my way of dealing with e-mail is like this. i insist on reading all e-mails and making a list according to the importance of things. the list is generally divided into "important and urgent e-mail, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, not urgent and not important". because some work can only be completed with the cooperation of other departments, the nature of e-mail work can be divided into two ways: independent processing and department coordination. after reading all the e-mails, i will do such a thing, that is, i will send a reply letter to all the e-mail customers, that is, "the e-mail has been read, your affairs will be handled soon" first of all, it is a kind of etiquette and politeness, and it ensures the timeliness of e-mail reply, so that the customer's heart will be very comfortable. it also reflects that we attach great importance to the customer, and leave enough processing time for ourselves, because many of the customer's e-mail work needs processing time, such as making a contract. it often takes a long time for you to make a good contract and then return to the customer, in this way, the timeliness of e-mail is very poor, and customers will feel that you don't pay enough attention to his e-mail.

after sending an e-mail to the customer "the e-mail has been received, i will reply as soon as possible", we will deal with it one by one according to the list of e-mail and the priority of the content of the e-mail. after dealing with an e-mail item, we will cross out an item in the list until the e-mail reply is completed for one day. in this way, the effect of e-mail processing will be very efficient. please remember that planning and overall planning are the most efficient way of working!

4. the essence of improving the efficiency of foreign trade mail is the effective allocation of work resources

reply to customers' business e-mail is actually the focus of our foreign trade salesman's work. how to reply to foreign trade customers' e-mail directly determines our salesman's work efficiency. for the reply skills of foreign trade e-mail, my suggestion is: according to the importance of e-mail, rationalize the allocation of work resources and work energy.

foreign trade salesman is priority among priorities. for such customers, we must follow up frequently. (there is also a problem of money raising skills. we can search the official account of wechat: foreign trade leader, how can foreign trade salesmen efficiently promote the bill? for the customers who are about to place an order, we must devote the most energy and resources to follow up the customers, and sincerely help them solve the questions about products and transactions. you should remember this clearly. only when you really solve all the customers' questions and meet the customers' interest needs, can the customers really place an order for you, and solve the key customers' e-mail reply, i hope i suggest that you make a customer follow-up form and software, and manage the customer's email follow-up through such visualization, so that the work efficiency will naturally be improved a lot.

5. email follow up skills for different categories of customers

for customers of different importance, our e-mail follow-up strategies are certainly different. before talking about skills, the first thing we should say is that we should control the following principles when replying to customers' e-mails:

no1. simply and clearly explain the problem, because this is a business email. using the shortest english words to explain the problem is the greatest efficiency, because your customers are very busy and time is very precious.

no2.  pay attention to the frequency and time of replying to e-mails. replying to customers' e-mails should take into account the different working hours and working habits of overseas customers. the premise is that you need to know your customers. if your time of replying to e-mails is in line with customers' working habits, your impression on customers will be greatly improved. in addition, try to write all the contents and solutions clearly in one e-mail , to avoid endless e-mail to customers to add, this will show that your salesman professional ability is very poor, and will make customers feel irritable.

6. highly service reply email

as we have just mentioned in the article, first of all, our daily key reply must be the key customers who are about to place an order. for this kind of customers, we should choose highly service e-mail reply. for the problems and questions raised by customers' e-mail and solutions, we must solve them most efficiently, and try our best to have more communication with customers. the best way is to add take a look at the customer's mobile communication tool, control the customer's intention to place an order through the communication software tool, solve the customer's questions most efficiently, and make the most active preparation for the customer to pay and place an order.

7. follow up of transformational email

the characteristics of this kind of customers are that they start from inquiry negotiation. customers gradually turn from product consultation, enterprise consultation and sample consultation to the intention to place an order. for this kind of customers, the principle of email follow-up is continuous follow-up, and maintain continuous follow-up. at the same time, they should follow up in a cold and hot balance. generally, they send an email to such customers in 3 to 6 days, in addition to solving the problem in the email customers can also give customers some new product introductions and new prices on a regular basis when they ask questions about products and enterprises. for this kind of email follow-up, we must believe that we must persist in achieving our dreams, and have patience and sincerity to pay.

8. long term email follow up

in our daily inquiry e-mail, we will find that many customers will not have business cooperation with your company in the near future, and even many of them have completed the purchase plan of the year. for such customers' e-mail, we only need to do some general e-mail maintenance, such as regularly sending some product information, price list and other e-mail, and even for this kind of e-mail, we can import to a management software unified send, time cycle can also put a little longer, from once a week to a few times a month can.

through the follow-up of these three types of e-mail customers, i would like to tell you that the fundamental way to improve the efficiency of foreign trade work is to reasonably allocate their own work energy and working hours, and different customers respond differently, so as to really improve the work efficiency.

9. do a good job in classified management and customer analysis of customer email information

now our company's foreign trade customer development channels are mainly active search development and b2b platform. for the daily online inquiry of overseas customers, we will have a very systematic analysis and classification management. first of all, for online inquiry, we train salesmen. first of all, we should judge the value of each online inquiry from the country of inquiry content, the professionalism of inquiry content, and the inquiry contact according to the detailed level of methods, we can judge the gold content and value of customers by browsing the websites of overseas companies left by customers' inquiries. according to different customers, we invest different resources to develop customers. for each follow-up customer, we generally suggest the salesman to make a table and classify them according to the importance and follow-up degree of customers. we are directly using youke foreign trade customer development and tracking system of mail management and customer management module for classification management. the salesman can clearly control the follow-up situation of all his customers through this every day, and can make the follow-up of overseas customers clear at a glance, and achieve efficient processing.

the analysis and handling of customers is the most important thing for a foreign trade sales team. my approach is to hold regular business analysis and sharing meetings, encourage the salesperson to tell the difficulties and puzzles in the process of business follow-up, and solve the difficulties of the salesperson in the process of business development through the guidance of the foreign trade business manager salesmen share their successful experience in business development. in fact, this way is the most important for sales of foreign trade companies. through such customer analysis and sharing meeting, salesmen can not only help business growth, but also maintain a sense of belonging and full sales mood of a team.

10. importance of work plan for foreign trade salesman

foreign trade salesman to improve the efficiency of foreign trade work must have the habit of writing work plan, for foreign trade newcomers, i also suggest the habit of writing work diary, through the formulation of work plan, we can visually promote our foreign trade work step by step, for how to write a good foreign trade work plan, my suggestion is, simple and efficient execution, simple in fact it's a kind of advantage. doing foreign trade is a very practical work. it refuses to be boastful and cumbersome. the work plan is actually made for the salesman himself, so the execution is fundamental. generally speaking, the work plan is divided into the following contents:

no1. what's your sales target in the near future? remember to make it very clear and in line with the actual business.

no2. how do you plan to achieve and accomplish your work goals? what is your method?

no3. who do you need to work with to achieve your sales goals? for example, business manager, your factory, freight forwarding company, customs clearance and inspection company, alibaba one datong, etc

no4. what is the efficiency of each customer's follow-up?

for the work plan of foreign trade salesman, our suggestion is that it is best to print it out and put it in the most eye-catching position on the table, so that you can always supervise your work progress and work efficiency. for your work plan, salesman should be good at summing up and thinking according to business practice. as the business manager of the department where salesman belongs, he should also participate in the work plan promotion of salesman go into the process, because for foreign trade salesmen, especially foreign trade newcomers



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