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1、 it's important to be informed in time

1. inform the customer of your sample sending information in the first time by email or express delivery, including courier's sample tracking number, when to send and about when to arrive.

2. proforma invoice is also indispensable. in addition to the necessary documents for customs clearance, it is also an important record of sample management for exporters.

3. please confirm after receiving the sample.

2、 sample management

1. sample management table can be designed, including sample country, customer, sample name, sample version and production batch, sample quantity, amount, etc.

2. keep the proforma invoice properly for filing.

3. the customer's evaluation of samples should also be added to the sample management form.

3、 follow up the sample

1. ask whether the samples arrive smoothly or not, express the importance of customers, reflect the professionalism of foreign trade, and avoid being forgotten.

2. follow up the client's sample progress with quality test report (admission test, end user experience, exhibition, etc.).

3. customer evaluation of the sample, whether satisfied or not, try to let the customer give specific instructions.

4、 establishing stable links

1. no matter whether there is an order or not in the short term, try to establish a stable contact with the sample taking customers, and constantly inform the company of the new situation of the product line.

2. the frequency of communication is important. let customers have your feeling, because the existence of e-commerce makes customers always face numerous temptations.



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