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at the beginning, many foreign trade companies often move forward with a strong momentum. however, if we advance rashly, we will often go into some misunderstandings. some misunderstandings may be just detours, while others will make all efforts in vain. so, before you're ready to run, stop. check your equipment and direction for mistakes.

mistake 1: planning doesn't matter

without a plan, we can move forward blindly, eager for success. for example, after many foreign trade enterprises find the advantages of network marketing, they focus on this area one after another, but they don't have a plan of their own. today, some people say that if it's good, they will do this one. tomorrow, when they produce a new product, they will put in another one. in the end, they don't do well in that area, and the effect is not good, so they think that the network is just like this. it's unnecessary put in the effort to do it. in fact, if we want to do a good job in the network, we must make an overall planning. from website construction to network promotion, we should choose the most appropriate way step by step according to our own products and the strength of the company, so as to achieve the marketing effect. if we hope to follow the industry, we will never reach the forefront.

second, new media operation is fb

most foreign trade enterprises have this understanding, that is: to establish their own accounts and regularly release some content is to deploy new media operations. but in fact, this is only the most basic work. in order to achieve the effect, the most important thing is to have a dialogue with the target customer group, produce interaction, observe the data, summarize the factors that can bring behavior transformation through the data, and constantly optimize the strategy. the beginning of implementation and operation and maintenance is not the end, and the purpose is to get the results through operation and maintenance. no matter which platform you focus on, systematic learning and practice is the best way.

mistake 3: your own is the best

many foreign trade teams think that if they want to do a good job in marketing, they need to master all the technology and resources, and then start to recruit the whole team, support all kinds of personnel, and build their own system from scratch. the embarrassment is that when a team is set up according to their own ideas and a lot of technology is trained, they find that the end of their efforts is just the starting point of others. because now foreign trade marketing needs more and more media. if you do everything yourself, you will fall into the mire of energy and resources. in fact, the role of foreign trade enterprises in marketing should be responsible for starting from the business logic, clarifying their own needs, setting realistic goals, and using their energy in the core business.



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