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维护好客户关系 不是说说而已(图1)

when it comes to customer maintenance, many friends say that as long as they have money, the most difficult customers can handle it. for domestic customers, you may be right, but customers in international trade may not be useful. after all, customers are abroad, so you can't rush to give them gifts, let alone invite them to dinner. therefore, in order to maintain the relationship between foreign trade customers, we really need to work hard. now let's talk about how to maintain the relationship between foreign trade customers.

now let's talk about how to maintain the relationship between foreign trade customers.

absolute respect for customers

respect for customers means to be grateful and do well in every step of your life. for example, the quotation of products should be reasonable. don't treat customers as idiots and offer high prices for violence. if you are lucky enough to earn a sum, when customers know, the orders behind will be gone, and customers will say you are not good in front of other customers.

in addition, it is necessary to say something about the products. never give defective or bad products to customers, and don't think about fishing in troubled waters. it's impossible for customers to come to you for a few products if they are abroad and give them some defective products.

respect for customers is also reflected in seriously replying to every email of customers. if you encounter problems you don't understand, you must understand them first and then answer them.

honesty and principle are indispensable

for example, after the quotation, as long as the quotation is valid, even if the exchange rate fluctuates severely, the customer's price cannot be increased. promise that the production sunday and shipping schedule of the products must not be changed at will (in case of natural disasters, also communicate with customers in advance). promise the proof that the client handles or attestation, also want to deal with in time come out.

think of customers everywhere

think about customers everywhere, think about how to help customers save money or reduce risks, for example, war areas can be recommended to buy war insurance. areas with high labor costs can recommend customers to buy strike insurance.

if we contact the freight, we must find more reliable, timely inform customers after the arrival of the goods to avoid demurrage. to put it bluntly, it is to regard customers' goods as their own.

do more than sell

in fact, besides business, there are other things that can be done between sales and customers. for example, we must send blessings to customers on their birthdays or national festivals. customers want to set up an office in china, you can drive customers to the field, and so on. in fact, if you do more, customers will be able to become friends with you slowly. the relationship between friends is much closer than that of pure business. with friends, are you worried about not having orders?


although the maintenance of customer relationship needs sincerity and enthusiasm, it does not mean that we can give up all the principles for customers. in international trade, customers with poor reputation and integrity are everywhere. therefore, the above four methods of maintaining customer relationship are based on mutual trust and respect. if customers do not respect you or customers themselves commit fraud and illegal acts, they will be punished don't interact with customers for some orders or benefits.



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